Speaking Engagements

bj_bernstein_cnn_weinstein_video_thumbnailB.J. Bernstein is a go-to legal commentator and a sought-after speaker. For her media appearances to address legal issues, she brings decades of legal expertise and is unique in that she has been lead counsel on numerous high-profile cases that have had national interest. B.J. has been the source of information on legal issues for newspapers around the country about other cases and her own. Her style is to explain the intricacies of the law in a straightforward manner and allow the listener to be educated on what the real issue is in the law.

She has appeared on CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, NBC, ABC and CBS. She has appeared on NBC’s The Today Show and ABC’s Good Morning America. She’s been quoted in many newspapers including the New York Times, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, USA Today and other publications. Her radio experience includes NPR, V103-Atlanta’s Ryan Cameron Show and Big Tigger Show, WGST-640AM Atlanta’s Rich Sullivan Show, Tom Joyner’s nationally syndicated radio show, Ricky Smiley RadioShow; ESPN Radio outlets across the country.

Whether she is speaking to a direct audience or on camera, her relatable style connects with audiences and helps them understand the law and why it’s important.

B.J. has experience speaking to diverse audiences: legal organizations of attorneys, judges or paralegals; students (middle school, high school and college); professional organizations with interests in legal topics (such as the a state psychiatric association or teachers); to religious groups where the welfare of the congregants means informing about the issues of our day.





“B.J. Bernstein is a powerhouse. Touching on her own prolific career as an attorney as well as contemporary cases making national news, she challenges audiences. I’ve had multiple students identify her as a key source of inspiration in their decision to pursue criminal justice reform and racial equity work in college. We are so thankful to BJ Bernstein for sharing with us her expert knowledge, rare capacity for empathy, and unstoppable belief in justice.”
- Avi Edelman, Program Director, Operation Understanding, Washington DC (OUDC)

“As the keynote speaker for our ninth annual prayer breakfast, BJ Bernstein’s inspiring message opened our eyes to the negative impact that reactionary laws, created out of fear, can have on our children’s futures. As a child advocacy movement, Ms. Bernstein’s message was yet another confirmation that a new juvenile code must be realized in Georgia. We are grateful for her work and her message.”
- Pamela Perkins Carn, ICM Coordinator Interfaith Children’s Movement, Faith Communities Working Together for Children

“Thank you for the splendid presentation in our Interfaith Fellowship. You are so lovingly transparent that you disarm your audience. I cannot imagine you ever loosing a trial before a jury.”
- Roy Godwin, Pastor and Leader of Interfaith Group

“Attorney Bernstein facilitated a presentation which laid out specific laws and consequences which affect juveniles. She discussed the importance of making conscious choices and the negative consequences and long-term ramifications, which can come from making the wrong decisions. She created a safe and non-judgmental space in which scholars could ask questions and receive legally sound answers.”
- Rasheeda Salaam Tolbert, Assistant Principal, KIPP Collegiate High School, Atlanta, Georgia